Franklin Center Building Layout:

Lower Level Approximately 1,320 square feet of finished area used as a meeting area (the Community Room) for various tenants, a sensory room previously leased to a medical tenant, two boiler rooms, two large and multiple smaller rooms, storage vault, electric room, small kitchenette, restroom and powder room; and a lower level parking garage containing fifty-five spaces.
First Floor Bank customer service and office area, upper level parking garage with drive-through banking windows, and a three-story atrium.

The building cleaning company is also conveniently located on this floor.
Mezzanine Area Restrooms, lunch room and break area for suite 100A employees.
Second Floor Large open office area, meeting room, thirteen other tenant office areas of various sizes, and restroom facilities.
Third Floor Two large office areas, atrium area, five tenant office areas of various sizes, and restroom facilities within most suites.
Fourth Floor Six tenant areas with restrooms in each with two tenants occupying the entire floor.

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