Description of Building:

Franklin Center is a four-story office building with an attached garage. The facility is a mixture of remodeled structures, a newer structure, and a parking garage. The construction materials vary, but are generally as described below.


Foundation: Reinforced concrete, concrete block and stone

Basic Structure: Masonry with concrete and steel columns

Walls: Masonry and steel clad

Roof: Rubber membrane covering metal and wood decking

Windows: Insulated type with tinted glass in metal frame


A wide variety of interior build-outs are in the building, meeting the needs of a variety of tenants.

Floors: Concrete with terrazzo, carpet or composition tile covering on upper floors; basement floor is concrete with carpet covering in finished areas

Walls: Painted or wall covered drywall in suites and plaster in some common areas; suites have ceramic tile wainscoting in some restroom areas

Ceiling: Suspended acoustical panels in most areas

Lighting: Fluorescent recessed fixtures in office areas; vapor and fluorescent fixtures in garage area

Elevators: Four passenger elevators with three capable of carrying freight

Heating and Air Conditioning:  Roof mounted air conditioning units; individually controlled, ceiling and floor mounted water source heat pumps. Some suites have Honeywell computerized, direct digital control systems.

Fire Protection: The parking area is protected by a dry sprinkler system; other areas have fire hose cabinets.

Communications: Advanced, state-of-the-art communication systems, including new Level 3 Service.

Insurance: The insurance company has placed a replacement value of $11,500,000 on the building and parking structure.

Surveillance and Control: Common areas have seven cameras cabled to a DVR with Internet access. Proxi Card is required for access to the facility in off hours.

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