Reasons to Consider Franklin Center:

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Franklin Center is situated in the heart of the City of Johnstown in the south central region of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is 75 miles east of the City of Pittsburgh, 160 miles northwest of the City of Harrisburg (the Commonwealth's capitol), 260 miles southeast of the City of Philadelphia and 165 miles north of Washington, D. C. The Pennsylvania Turnpike, which provides access to both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, is 25 miles to the south.

The property's attributes include the following:

I. An Ideal Location:

The building is located:

  1. Near many major Johnstown attractions (e.g., the War Memorial Arena, Point Stadium, Central Park, Pasquerilla Conference Center);
  2. In the heart of Johnstown's financial district, adjacent to First Commonwealth Bank, across the street from Ameriserve Financial headquarters and the Pasquerilla building. The recently renovated Northwest Savings Bank is located on the first floor of Franklin Center;
  3. On a major bus route which leads to Conemaugh Hospital and all points south;

II. A Great Rent Roll:

In addition to serving Northwest Savings Bank and other banks for the past several decades, the property's features have enabled it to consistently have one of the best rent rolls in the region.

III. The Potential for Owner or Anchor Tenant Identification Through Building Modification:

  1. Significant instant identity through custom design of the building's easily modifiable exterior architecture
  2. Rooftop and street-scape locations for exterior signage visible throughout Johnstown
  3. Renaming of the building, if desired

IV. Availability of Attached, Indoor Parking Facilities:

  1. Key employees of all tenants have free use of indoor parking located adjacent to elevator and offices.
  2. The most convenient employee parking in Western Pennsylvania provides tenants with an excellent recruitment benefit (e.g., no need for coats or rainwear).

V. Attractive Building Features:

  1. Advanced state-of-the-art communication systems, including Level III Service.
  2. Immediate availability of other fiber optics systems as required. A fiber optics trunk line lies parallel to the front of the building on Franklin Street, connecting to the main GTE center, Conemaugh Hospital and all points south.
  3. All other building systems in place and with sufficient capacity.
  4. High ceilings which permit raised flooring and an excellent working environment.
  5. Two inner atriums to provide natural light throughout the building.
  6. Ideal facility for sponsorship of community-related events, providing enhancement of the tenant's and owner's community-responsible image.
  7. Use of a 13,269-square-foot lower level, including a recently remodeled 1,320-square-foot Community Room.

VI. Possibility of Tax and Other Incentives:

VII. Unlimited Expansion Possibilities For Owner and/or Other Anchor Tenant(s):

  1. No wasted space
  2. Capability for growth or consolidation
  3. Other tenants pay rent for space into which anchor tenants may expand

VIII. Additional Reasons:

  1. An excellent, relatively inexpensive labor force
  2. The presence of Conemaugh Hospital and numerous other downtown anchors
  3. Significant downtown academic activity
  4. A flurry of recent announcements regarding downtown Johnstown (e.g., the new Tech Park within a "stone's throw" of Franklin Center, which includes Northrop Grumman, MTS Technologies, and the Pasquerilla Conference Center as initial anchor tenants, the War Memorial expansion and convention center; a recently completed UPMC/Lee Hospital affiliation and a $14 million Women�s Pavilion; a renovated Point Stadium; a new Social Security building; the opening of Somerset Trust; the renovation of the Glosser Building which contains the Cambria County governmental offices; and numerous retail announcements including a new Rite-Aid building and a Dollar General
  5. A potential new city plan, and significant improvements to Route 56

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